Small Business Highlight- Office Nomads

Today’s highlight focuses on Office Nomads.  Another community minded small business making the world go round.  I first learned about them through Hamann Road to Gold (R2G) fundraising director Jody Waits.  Susan and the Nomads (should be a band name)  were gracious enough to open their space up for us to have a fundraising party supporting the R2G.  Then, at the last minute, we needed a speaker phone set up for a call in radio interview and Susan and crew stepped up immediately.  Now, they are opening up their space and sponsoring boxer Jen Hamann and myself with Office Nomads membership so we can work on studying, business plans and boxing logistics.  Their office space is a perfect example of how community works and we are grateful to partner with them on so many levels.  You can check out their website if you are looking for a professional, efficient and community minded office space.


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