Last May I experienced a softening and an opening up that resulted in many new perspectives.  The process of being more open changed me forever and I am so thankful.  That feeling in life is the same feeling when you are in the ring and the punches that used to feel too fast are now coming at you in slow motion.

As I go through the process of leaving a home I’ve been at for 10 years and I build off that process to move forward and establish a new home, difficulties pop up in ways one could never expect.  Right now I am experiencing the feeling when someone is running in the ring and you cannot cut them off.  It feels frustrating, you blame them for not standing still, you curse yourself because nothing can be done.  All these feeling stack up against you and weigh you down.  But ever since last May, the softness gave me a new belief, a new ability to absorb punches in a way that didn’t leave me devastated.  Rather than give into the weighed down feelings,  I use the new ability to “take the sting off of the punches”.  I am thankful for my boxing training, I am thankful for this sport.  My goal is to hang on to this softness as I head into this new phase in life, developing a gym community and place for people to come and get some release on the heavy bags.

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