When you set a goal for 4 years out there is a lot of planning that goes into the big picture.  Within the big picture are millions of little steps that have to be taken each day.  Within each step, intention has to be completed with diligence and flexibility.  I am coming out a long period of doing things correctly, of thinking there could only be one way to accomplish goals.  I am coming out of a mindset that didn’t allow me to fluctuate or adjust to others.

Training can get monotonous.  The same location, the same routine, the same people, it not stirred up can be the death of you and your athlete.

In the past I would have never thought that a pick up game of soccer, dodgeball, or rock climbing would have been beneficial to an athlete training in boxing.  I would have feared injury versus looking at the positive possibilities.

When I went to Colorado for a sparring trip with boxer Jen Hamann, we played some pick up soccer, which used to be one of her main sports.  The integration that came into her body after this experience was amazing.  Her boxing and confidence skills increased.  Not to mention, the mental freedom and expression she was able to access by switching up the training for a bit.

So, I’m looking forward to further adventures in flexibility!  Stay tuned and you can come along too.

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