The Climb to USA Boxing Nationals

Last night was an emotional whirlwind.  We experienced a large amount of support and people giving because they want to give Jen and I a shot at this dream.  People giving hard earned money, emptying piggy banks, giving when they don’t have much to give.  And this is just the start of what the Hamann Road to Gold has to ask for.  It seems simple to me sometimes.  I look and see the Jen Hamann athlete page has 183 likes.  If everyone who liked her page donated $10.00 that would pay for Nationals.  205 people like Arcaro Boxing (I know there is overlap on the likes)   if all 205 people donated $10.00 then that would cover Jen’s next quarter pre-requisites for grad school and the trip to Oregon Golden Gloves plus some groceries.  Asking for people to support an athletic endeavor is an intense match to take on.  How do you receive and then ask for more?  For Jen to be the best in the world and beat the best, she really is dependent on all of us financially.  She is competing against boxers who already have funding and/or live at home. She cannot realistically work, go to school and train and compete at the elite level.  We have quite the conundrum, always on the edge of giving up training time so she can pay rent, groceries and other basic life needs.
Jen goes to school so she can have some structure and something to rely on at the end of this road.  Jen wants to give back by using her degree to do community counseling and she wants to coach.
The fundraiser was very successful and it gave us a bit of breathing room and still we need to keep asking.  I’m asking anyone who reads this to spread the word, to go to and donate anything you can.  Let’s keep the momentum all the way to Nationals March 30th to April 6th.

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