Courage Pays Off

Courage Pays Off is what Fundraising Director Jody Waits told me after I said to her that tears were rolling down my face after hearing how successful our fundraising party was. They are still rolling down. You never know what to expect going into these events and a multitude of emotions run through the body before, during and after.  The attentiveness, thoughtful questions and interest in Jen and myself this early in the journey was mind blowing.  Thank you to all the party attendees for your time and generosity.  Thank you to Office Nomads for the gorgeous space.  Thank you Jody, Christina, Nicole and Ben for working so hard to pull this event off.  Thank you to Margaret Savas for an unbelievable assortment of chocolate.  Thank you to the Road to Gold Team:  Nicole Browning, Jody Waits, Christina Rocks, Brett Keogh, Greg Dontchos and Mike Hayes.  Thank you also to the following businesses who have jumped on this train so early, The Feed Bag Pet Provisions, Girlie Press, Play Doggie Day Care, Renew Physical Therapy,  Kismet Salon, Dr. Loren Tarr (dentist), Steven Tolzman (body worker), Office Nomads, Madison Self Storage, Paul Reynolds, Declan Owens.

Most of all, thank you to Jen Hamann for her courage and tenacity in and out of the ring.  This dream is becoming more of a reality.

I am honored to be a part of a large community and excited to develop a business that can give back!

Like I’ve said before, I believe in epic and you all better hang on, this really is going to be one hell of a ride.

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