As a Coach, it is easy to always give.  Give advice, tips, time, examples, you name it, a whole lot of giving.  Receiving is a whole different matter and surprisingly enough, just as important.  Receiving is not complacent, it is an action just as powerful as giving.  In order to receive you have to be open, inviting, willing to risk and feel hurt.  Boxers deal with this all the time.  You have to risk being hit to deliver the most effective punches.  You have to be willing to feel uncomfortable to learn and go somewhere new.  You have to find your balance of incoming and output, your range.  Boxing is full of ranges and you need both ends to be effective and versatile.  As I embark on this journey of building a community based gym and training an Olympic Hopeful, I am learning about the power of letting other people give.  I am learning about the flow of letting others in and belonging to something far greater than my individual efforts.  Receiving in the end really is about learning and continuing to move, both powerful boxing skills and community skills.


photo by Mike Blair

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