Community Support, Fundraising and EPICNESS~

SONY DSCI believe in EPIC.  Maybe it’s because I’m Coach Tricia.  Maybe because I’m Italian, or maybe it’s because I’m an Aries.  OK, probably because all 3 things converged into a vortex in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1971.

My belief in EPIC leads me to today.  It was my last day at a stable job as Boxer, Coach and Gym Manager at Cappy’s Gym for 10 years.  I put my sweat, my heart and my soul into developing this community based business.  I experienced the excitement of many a boxer coming through the doors and experienced the heartache when they left.  I learned a lot from my training and now it’s time to spread my wings, open up and take the big leap.

I’m leaving it all for something completely……EPIC!

I am opening my own Gym named after my Italian heritage and I am training an Olympic hopeful, Jen Hamann.

Jen too, must do EPIC.  She is putting her faith, her belief and trust into me- this Gym without walls as I negotiate for space.  All of this work, I volunteer for and she does with no income other than the gifts of others.  She quit her job, started school and began training full time based on a belief in EPIC.

I am reaching out to each and every one of you who reads this.  Asking for money is no easy task.  Fundraising takes an immense amount of work and a lot of people who will sign on and believe in your EPIC journey.

Here are the immediate steps for Jen to qualify her for the U.S. Team and a good start to her goal of reaching Rio 2016.

1.  Win Tacoma Jr. Golden Gloves (Feb 16th and 17th in Tacoma, Washington)

2.  Win Oregon Golden Gloves (Feb 22nd and 23rd in Bend, Oregon)

3.  Win 1st or 2nd place at Nationals (March 30th-April 6th in Spokane, WA)

All of this takes money, my volunteer time and Jen’s hard work ethic, as well as a talented volunteer coaching, PR and Marketing team.

We seriously need each and every community member’s help to pay for all the travel, food, training and school costs in order for Jen to have her best chance of accomplishing all 3 goals above.

Go to  There is a Click and Pledge button where you can make a tax-deductible contribution.  Every dollar pays for meals, everyday needs, gas, books, tuition and that’s just a start.  You can also check out the entire team behind this EPIC adventure.  It is a DYNAMIC TEAM!

Then, as soon as I get my walls established, you can come into the gym and be a part of a dynamic community based business that wants to do EPIC things in the world.

P.S.  You do not have to be from Seattle to join our community!  Boxing knows no boundaries!

Join us today-  Donate any amount you can and then hang on because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!



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