Fundraising Party

From Fundraising Director Jody Waits:
My friend Jen is going to The Olympics.  And we’re going to help get her
there. And I’m going to wear heals, drink wine and then let Christina
punch me.  Keep reading. 

For nearly two years, you’ve (kindly) listened to me chatter about how I

have fallen madly in love with boxing – thank you!  Why… is a longer
speech, but… fun, breaking barriers, strength and personal power –

that’s a nutshell version.  Also, it has led to meeting some truly
inspired and incredible people – including Jen Hamann!  Jen is a
Seattle-based Olympic Hopeful, training full-time for the 2016 Olympics
to represent the USA on the Women’s Boxing Team. She’s 125 pounds of
brilliant and precise (and fast as hell) fury… And she’s going to make
it to Rio.  This I believe it to my toes. Check out her website and

PARTY PARTY PARTY – I’d like to invite you to a little ditty that I’m

hosting… What’s up?


–          Christina and I doing a mitts/gloves demonstration – and then
the REAL boxers will show y’all how it is really done! 
–          BEER AND WINE AND CHAMPAGNE! (of course) – and snacks and
cookies! (My gosh – do I love cookies!)
–          Showcase of women’s strength and determination, fueled by the
power of optimism!
–          A chance to help build the dream and pave the Road to Gold!

Please join me – details below. Space is limited, so I kindly ask for
your expedient RSVP (in either direction) – thank you! 
Wednesday – February 6th
6pm – Welcome
Location: Lobby of Office Nomads
1617 East Boylston (just north of Pine)
Seattle, WA   98122
–          Metro service to Capitol Hill is comprehensive
–          The Seattle Central Parking Garage (entrance on Harvard Ave)
is across the street and $5 in the evening

Questions & RSVPs – to me!  THANK YOU!

Jody (daytime email for speedy questions)

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